I conduct research because I am curious. I have always been curious about how and why people use emerging media, and how/why organizations succeed or fail in delivering these media. I began my research journey with a focus on media economics, especially in subjects related to industrial organization, strategic competition, and mergers and acquisitions in media industries. I have examined broadcasting, cable television, satellite television, IPTV, mobile television, social media, and mobile apps industries, utilizing mostly quantitative research methods and integrating theories from marketing and industrial economics with those in mass communication. With the ubiquitous growth of digital/mobile technologies that gave consumers the power of control and content generation, my research has shifted to investigating more frequently media consumers than firms. I have also begun to incorporate more qualitative and innovative biometric research methods because of the fluid nature of media habits and affective consumption amid rapid technological changes and social media adoption. My research in the last five years has focused on four areas of investigation: 1) media engagement and trust; 2) social media’s role in brand management; 3) mobile media platform/content consumption; and 4) multi-platform media consumption and competition.

I have been focusing on developing what I called impactful media research – empirical studies that are rigorous and innovative in methodology, examine topics that address media industry concerns/emerging issues, and are rooted in sound conceptual frameworks. The goals are to generate relevant knowledge, create industry-academic synergy, and develop thoughtful, skilled researchers through these studies. My recent research projects include AI adoption/implication in media industries, consumer perception of AI in marketing communications, privacy management of smart speakers/virtual assistant, brand trust measurement, podcast consumption, and online-offline media engagement comparison. I have worked with various industry partners such as Google, Nielsen, IQ Media, Twitter, S20 (a German sport sponsors consortium), and Adidas that address the consumption of various digital platforms in different contexts.