technology, brands, & consumers in a changing media world


I'm a professor and director of media consumer research at the University of Florida. I am curious about how and why people use emerging media, means of measuring these behaviors, and strategies for firms to deliver such media successfully.

I teach brand management, media research, and media management at both graduate and undergraduate level. My research areas include digital/mobile media consumption, AI-enhanced audience experience, media engagement, brand trust, and strategic competition in emerging media/communications industries. I have conducted consumer research for Google, Nielsen, Adidas, Twitter, G+J ems, DIE ZEIT, IQ Media, S20 (German sport sponsors consortium), BVDW, OWM, and National Association of Broadcasters. Recipient of numerous national and international research awards, I currently hold the Al and Effie Flanagan Professorship at the University of Florida. See here for more specific info about my research. You may find my CV here.